IoT Containers

By integrating IoT capabilities into our storage containers, we can transform them from a passive container into a smart, connected asset that offers numerous benefits across a broad range of applications.

Remote Access: Allow you or your customer to remotely lock and unlock a storage unit using a smartphones or other device.

Keypad Access: Gain access by keypad code to allow use as a drop box for retail applications requiring after hours pickup/dropoff.

Enhanced Security: Protect the contents of your container with motion sensors, and tamper detection systems.  Any unauthorized access attempts or suspicious activities trigger immediate alerts, helping to deter theft and vandalism.

Status Monitoring: Remotely monitor temperature and humidity as well as the status of any equipment operating within the container.  Protect the contents of the container from damage that could result if unsupervised.

Automation: Remotely control lights, sirens, heaters, air conditioners, or any piece of equipment in or near the container. 

Automated Billing and Payments: Integrate with billing and payment systems to automate container rentals.  Restrict access automatically for nonpayment.  Makes de-centralized fully autonomous self storage possible.

Inventory Management: Keep track of what/who comes or goes.  This can be particularly useful for tools, gardening equipment, and other rental items that may need regular maintenance or replacement.

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